Microwave oven is an essential kitchen accessory and quality microwave ovens are quite sturdy too. However, it's necessary to maintain them at regular interval otherwise there is sheer chance that even these so called sturdy ovens may not last long. Let's learn the essential tips for maintaining microwave oven for long, regardless of their brand, frequency of use, or its high price.

Interior Cleaning Is Necessary

It is necessary to clean the interior of the microwave oven but it is never recommended to use bleach or detergent for cleaning of the inside surface. Food particles and splatters at random consume a minor part of microwave energy and may cause permanent damage of the system if they are not removed periodically. However it is mandatory to clean it with recommended cleaner, not with general cleaning lotion.

Exterior Cleaning Of The Oven Is Mandatory

Regular usable parts like touch pad control, exterior trim pieces, and door hardware is subject to the accumulation of darts. Unless these parts are cleaned gently, the oven look-wise will look clumsy and it will hamper its normal functioning.

Surge Protection

It is highly recommended to keep the microwave plugged into a suitable surge suppressor for overall protection of the circuitry. Otherwise there is a high chance that the circuitry inside may get damaged in if any external catastrophe like lightning, voltage spikes takes place.

Safety Of Microwave Oven Door

The door of the microwave oven comes with a lock system. It keeps the microwave energy locked inside. If the door gets damaged the energy may not remain locked inside and it may hamper the efficiency of the cooking process. In case the door gets loose or broken, it is recommended to change or repair the door with immediate effect.

Microwave Should Not Run Empty

You should never make a microwave oven run into empty condition. In the absence of food inside the microwave oven the energy gets absorbed by the oven itself, which tend to damage the machine with permanent effect. The magnetron of a microwave is a sensitive part and it can get easily damaged if proper care of it is not ensured.

In addition to these maintenance tips there are a few don'ts. These are -
*    It is mandatory to use soft clean clothes for cleaning oven interior/exterior

*    You must use washed and dried microwave oven utensils inside the oven

*    Always check the seal of the door before you press the start button

*    Microwave oven should be kept away from children.

* You must clean the oven after each use; in every 6 month interval you must call your electrician to check the circuit of the oven.

*    You must consult an authorized representative of the company to check the oven, in case it is not performing well.